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Self Defence Classes In Market Harborough

Learn to protect yourself and your family with our classes

Don’t hang around, learn the best self-defence techniques in the area today at EWF. We’re helping women and men in Market Harborough be prepared to respond at a moment’s notice and defend against an intruder or attacker.

You can learn a key set of skills and get into great shape at the same time!


General Martial Arts training is fantastic, but sometimes, it doesn’t transfer to the real world. If you or a family member are attacked, you have to respond fast.

Which is why we are offering you a straightforward set of self defence skills right here in Market Harborough than will help keep you safe.


  • Stay aware of your surroundings
  • Respond fast and powerfully to an attacker
  • Strike with speed and accuracy
  • Subdue an attacker before early on


Girl who knows self defense.

Whilst helping you learn the best self defence techniques, we also have to simulate what might happen in the real world and where you might need to use your self defence. This means putting you through your paces with some exercises and drills that will get your heart racing and where you will rely on strong movements and functional strength.

There are added benefits to learning self defence with us:

  • Healthy sustainable fat burn
  • Increased total-body strength
  • Enhanced agility and speed
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness


Self Defence Market Harborough Lesson Times

Monday 7:50pm

Wednesday 7:50pm


How To Get Started… It’s Easy

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