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MMA Market Harborough

Find Out How Over 750 People Just Like You, Have Learnt Self Defence,
Boosted Confidence, Lost Weight, And Improved Focus with
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You Too Can…..


Keep Calm, even when life seems hectic

Gain Confidence, to take on any challenge

Get in Great Shape, gaining the physical ability to cope with even the busiest of lifestyles

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Our MMA Market Harborough program (Mixed MA, Kickboxing and Freestyle Karate techniques) for adults delivers what adults want when they train. Things like, improving fitness, muscle tone and weight control, and giving adults confidence and peace of mind that they can defend themselves if ever necessary.


arrowbullet The program is easy to pick up and able to be done without having to dedicate hours and hours every week. We teamed up with other senior martial arts instructors, sports coaches and fitness instructors to design the program and together we came up an adult martial arts program that is second to none in the UK.
arrowbullet You do not need to have any experience whatsoever to begin with and you don’t even need to be that fit, in fact you will be able to get started even if you consider yourself to be quite out of shape.
arrowbullet Using some of the most modern and cutting edge training information our adult program is able to deliver results quickly. In fact most of our adult members notice a big improvement in the first few weeks.
arrowbullet Quite simply our members love attending as they gain everything they want from our training. They have loads of fun, make new friends and always feel really welcome


What can you expect to gain from training with EWF MMA Market Harborough?

Fast Weight Loss
Lots of Fun
Fantastic Stress Relief
Increased Muscle Tone
Much More Confidence
Improved Coordination



There are so many things to look forward to:

- Mums and Dads discover they have more patience with their children

- People working in customer service discover they can remain calmer

- School Teachers discover they are more patient with their students



MMA?Market Harborough Lesson Times

Monday 6:45pm

Tuesday 7:00pm

Wednesday 6:45pm

Thursday 6:45pm


Our Members Need To Be Able To Attend Two Lessons Per Week



How To Get Started… It’s Easy

1. To get started, simply fill out the enquire now box on the right (mobile users at bottom of page).
2. We’ll give you a call and arrange your free taster lesson (at a time that suits you), so you can see how great our lessons are first hand
3. Or If You Would Like to Arrange a Taster Lesson Right Now then Just Call us on 0800 6899 345